Our Story

Code 7 products are exclusively designed, manufactured, and
sold by Paradigm Van Conversions, a leading professional campervan manufacturer
and product development company. We created the Code 7 brand with the mission
to make our most popular and innovative products easily accessible to all.

In spaces with limited square footage, functionality becomes
paramount. That's why every Code 7 product is crafted with meticulous attention
to detail and an unwavering commitment to versatility, ensuring you can maximize
every inch of your space.

Driven by a shared passion for adventure and armed with a
profound understanding of the camper van and outdoor adventure market, our
dedicated team of experts crafts products with the aim of surpassing your
expectations. Our goal is to provide you with gear that not only enhances your
outdoor experience but also helps you create treasured memories amidst the
awe-inspiring wonders of nature.